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Technical Service

Lmb provides technical service at the top level  for all devices among the range of products. This service can either take place on site at the institute or also in our technical service premises in Schwaig, Germany or Nis, Serbia.

Lmb Technologie GmbH Germany

Service at Lmb

For smaller devices it is recommendable to send in the product to Lmb. Please always attach a document in which you describe what you want us to do: maintenance or repair. If repair is necessary, please describe the error or wrong or suspicious behavior of the device.

Please always provide the following information:
Serial Number of the device
Error description
Contact person for questions with telephone number.

If you have questions concerning in-house service, please contact Head of in-house service:

Reinhold Gruber

Reinhold Gruber

tel: +49 8122 88096 30

Service on-site

For larger and rather immobile devices, such as climatic chambers or refrigerators, it is recommended to do the service on-site. Especially for separation devices it can be necessary to see the machine working in the usual environment in the institute , with it's special network, habits of users and centrifugation.

If you require service on-site, please contact your sales person at Lmb or simply write to:
Please always provide following information:
Serial Number of the device
Location of the device
Error description
Contact person for questions

If you have further questions concerning service on-site, please contact Head of field service:

Bojan Vasic

Bojan Vasic

tel: +381 18 200816

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