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Blood Separation:

solo_krivina NOVOmatic
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Self adjustable clamps for all kind of blood bag tubes

Bottom RC bag balance

Double press system

Double press system


pozadina Siva traka
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Scale pan for easy bag placement

Double press system

Precise separation of blood components

  • Quick blood separation process and high recovery of thrombocytes
  • Precise treatment of all Top/Top and Top/Bottom processes
  • CRYO application and thrombocytes from Buffy Coat and PRP
  • Adaptive colormatic sensor system for best possible distinction between red cells, thrombocytes and plasma
  • ◾Precise mechanics for long endurance

Process integration and operation

  • Storage of up to 20 user programmes possible
  • Barcode reader can be connected
  • Use of a clear and well-arranged colour touchscreen
  • Visual simulation of the user programmes for shortest period of user training
  • Conversion of Gramm to Mililiter
  • Easy connection to the local PC network
  • LAN data transfer, network capability, integrated data storage and management, data connection

Blood products of highest quality

  • Red cells – treated carfully and smoothly
  • Plasma – cell free due to the best sensor system
  • Thrombocytes – high recovery due to the special sensor system
  • Plasma filtration at the machine possible

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