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NBM 200

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Non-invasive Measurement of Hemoglobin

The NBM 200 is a non-invasive monitor for spot testing of blood Hemoglobin (Hb) values. It consists of a reusable ring shaped sensor that is placed on the donor's finger, and a portable desktop monitor that displays the measurement results in less than 60 seconds. It may be used for anemia testing in clinical and non-clinical environments, blood & plasma collection centers, primary care, maternity and other physician's offices.
The technology combines a sensitive optical measurement with temporary blood-flow occlusion using a pneumatic finger sensor cuff. The occluded blood generates a unique and strong optical signal, enabling highly sensitive measurement of analytes.
The NBM 200 represents a breakthrough in noninvasive blood constituents measurements, while greatly improving donor comfort and safety, minimizing infection risks and providing accurate and immediate results at point of care. Lmb's proprietary technology offers a unique breakthrough solution for Hemoglobin (Hb) testing at point-of-care, that is suited for use in a variety of clinical or non-clinical, fixed or mobile settings.

NBM 200 Benefits

  • Donor Comfort
    No Pain
    No Blood
    Increase in Donors Returns
  • Easy & Safe to Use
    Infection Free
    Hands Free
    Clutter Free Table
  • Reliable Anemia Screening
    Immediate Results
  • Environmentally Friendly
    No Disposables

The FDA & CE approved technology has been used for testing millions of patients and blood donors in Europe, U.S., Latin America and Asia. It exhibits accuracy comparable to invasive point of care solutions while demonstrating clear superiority in safety, cost effectiveness and ease of use.

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