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solo_krivina Donor Lounge Comfort I
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Donor Lounge Comfort I Donor Lounge Comfort I

Donor Lounge Comfort

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Donor Lounge Comfort I
Donor Lounge Comfort I

Economic, Performant and Stable

 Developed to give comfort, security and wellness during long treatments such as Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Blood transfusions and other medical treatments.


  • Comfort
    Foam thickness : 12 cm
    3 electrical motors: back rest, variable height and leg rest Smooth electrical motions
  • Acessibility
    Variable height from 55 to 75 cm
  • Hygiene
    Coated fabric Upholstery
    Easy to clean and maintain
  • Pricing
    Execellent price/quality relationship
  • Security
    Red key on the handset to operate the Trendelenburg position
    Granted stability


  • Arm rest support: stainless steel - option
  • Foot rest: with metal structure protection and plastic protection options
  • New Emergency button and new location for easier handling
  • Back handle to move the chair easily and hook for the cable

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