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Blood collection monitor

logocvet 12x12Bagmatic NOVO is our new blood collection monitor serving the special needs of mobile blood donations. As a light weight device with outstanding long battery life, it is developed to take a predefined blood donation and mix the product in a three-dimensional way. For quality assurance, logocvet 12x12Bagmatic NOVO monitors the entire blood donation and registers all significant events that may occur during the process.


  • With SD card
  • USB connection
Bagmatic NOVO wireless connection
  • RF Wireless Data communication (option)


  • Small size, lightweight
  • Designed for mobile long lifetime use
  • Battery operated (up to 50 donations or 8 hrs of work) - optional
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Bi-directional communication-option with full software ERYSYS
  • Pre–adjusted profiles
  • Possibility to install additional language pack
  • Customizable alarm system
  • Barcode
battery charger

See also: Battery and charger brochure (pdf)

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