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Vision statement

We at Lmb Technologie GmbH, as a specialist in transfusion business, seek to deliver the products and services required to support the strategic objectives of our client organisations, and enhance and support each step of the blood production process. It is our goal to use our expertise in bloodbanking to provide world-class solutions to meet customer needs and requirements.
Furthermore it is our aim to achieve the highest level of excellence and service within our community of customers, suppliers, employees, management, stakeholders and shareholders by advancing and living a philosophy of teamwork, cooperation and respect.

Mission statement

Work and business of Lmb Technologie GmbH is guided by the following principles:

  1. We provide products for the whole process of bloodbanking in order to facilitate the daily tasks of employees in bloodbanks and transfusion centers and to bring more security and quality to the cycle of blood processing.
  2. By distributing our products to different countries, we work hard to improve the standard and security of blood processing all around the world. As well as learning from the standards, processes and cultural aspects of different countries.
  3. We serve our customers
    individually, try to give advice in order to enhance their processes and offer individual solutions.
  4. We believe in highest medical, organisational and manufacturing standards which we have defined in our quality system. The quality system determines our daily doing and is of greatest value to Lmb Technologie GmbH.
  5. We work together in an atmosphere of great team spirit and mutual respect.  By loyal and helpful cooperation we create a positive environment of work.
  6. Our leaders act and decide as role models. Everybody who is taking responsibility is a leader.
  7. The optimisation of use of material and human resources, as well as the pursuit for sustainability and protection of the environment determine our actions and decisions.

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