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More than 35 years of experience in blood banks

With over 35 years of experience in the field of blood banks, Lmb is a company with enormous knowledge of how to produce blood components of highest quality.

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Founded in 1982, Lmb first concentrated on the German and Austrian markets, later also gained reputation on the French market. First own developments in addition to the distribution of different products created an adequate product mix and set a start to a long-term success. Until the beginning of the nineties, Lmb focused on the development and production of blood group determination devices, while from the beginning of the decade on, the importance of the field of donation and processing of blood began to grow constantly.
During the year 1995 a new production branch in Budapest, Hungary, was established, aimed mainly to manufacture blood donation monitors.

In 1996 Lmb acquired CE mark, first for Bagmatic SL, later for all their devices for the treatment of blood.
Later in the year 1999 a new branch for development and production opened it’s doors in Nis, Serbia to focus on software, engineering solutions, RFID technology and especially on the production of separation devices for whole blood. Strategic alliances with producers of bloodbags lead to constant growth of this affiliate and gave Lmb the status of an OEM-producer.

After mid of the nineties, Lmb defined and carried out consequently a strategy of internationalization.

From those days until today, Lmb has been constantly increasing its distributor network and partnerships from all over the world – nowadays Lmb products are used in more than 30 countries and this number is still growing today.

In 2002 Lmb Technologie GmbH installed the first device for separation of whole blood and closed a gap to offer devices for the entire process of blood production, from the donation to the distribution. Today Lmb’s range of products comprises devices for the donation of blood, filtration, separation, irradiation, storage and transport to offer a global solution.

ErySep is the latest Lmb innovation which started a new era in blood management with a totally new method of blood separation technology without machinery.

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